February 2024


Brushing Up on the OSHA Top 10

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Top 10 list accounts for the most frequently cited standards following inspections of businesses and worksites by federal OSHA.

Feb 29 2024

Discover an Easier Way to Water Balance

Dwyer Instruments recently released its new look and updated features for the wireless pressure manometer, Series 490W. Now, a single person using a 490W can monitor and balance a hydronic system in less time and with less manpower.

Feb 29 2024

EZ-R Phenolic Lined Duct

Sheet Metal Connectors now offers EZ-R phenolic lined metal ductwork, which is easier to install and simpler to handle than traditional 3" double-wall insulated sheet metal and comes pre-insulated, fully assembled, and ready to install.

Feb 29 2024

Estimate Better, with FastDUCT Software

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually estimating construction costs for your HVAC jobs? Look no further than FastDUCT, the ready-to-go HVAC estimating software designed specifically for commercial and industrial sheet metal contractors.

Feb 29 2024

AI for Packing Slips and Receipts

Save an average of 15-30 mins for each order by eliminating manual processing and data entry and save 5-10% in material costs by automatically catching discrepancies between what was ordered and received.