Late Payments? Implement an A/R Escalation Plan

Don’t let late payments fall through the cracks. Learn how to build an effective A/R escalation process to accelerate payments and improve your cash flow with Siteline.

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In the construction industry, timely payments are everything. But what happens when clients start missing deadlines and your cash flow takes a hit? Don’t panic. With some planning and discipline, you can get back on track

Our article walks you through creating a realistic, airtight accounts receivable (A/R) escalation process. You’ll find real-world examples of A/R escalation plans to spark ideas for your company, as well as best practices for:

  • setting payment terms,
  • following up on late invoices, and
  • bringing in the heavy hitters when things get tricky

Read the article for effective strategies to keep your payments flowing smoothly. Even better, try Siteline’s cash flow forecasting and A/R dashboard to effortlessly monitor and manage the money you’re owed. Your bottom line will thank you!

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