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7 Steps to Better Procurement

Learn insights gathered from thousands of contractors on how to streamline the procurement process from planning to payment. Reading this will give you the inside scoop to reduce overhead, save on material costs, and outperform your competition

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The "7 Steps to Better Procurement" is the result of working with thousands of contractors across the country to learn what great procurement looks like.

Instead of telling you how to run your business, this book shares the difference between good and great procurement. Good procurement keeps your business going, but great procurement helps you: 

  • Outperform your competition
  • Grow your top-line revenue at scale
  • Increase margins
  • Withstand unforeseen changes in pricing and availability
  • Complete more work with less overhead
  • Reduce risk of errors and job delays

After studying contractors experiencing exceptional growth and resilience, Kojo discovered that the best-in-class contractors simplified their procurement process into 7 steps with standardized tasks and often using technology. Efficiently completing one step made the other steps simpler, leading to jobs getting done on time, on schedule, on budget, and with less overhead costs.

By focusing on the 7-step process, greatness can be achieved. This book will share these steps, explain what each step entails, the inefficiencies it can eliminate for your business, how to implement, and the benefits that come from it.

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