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Case Study: Cable Suspension - 60% Faster Installation

Read how a leading HVAC company achieved significant time savings and improved efficiency by adopting Griplock Systems’ HVAC cable suspension systems, moving away from their previous reliance on strut and all-thread.

A recent case study conducted by Griplock Systems showed that the simplified installation process enabled the company to complete projects more quickly. In one particular instance involving the installation of approximately 150 feet of large spiral duct, the company estimated that they saved over a full day of work from an originally planned two-day job by using Griplock’s product – a 60% labor savings.

The Project Manager for the company provided positive feedback about the experience of working with Griplock Systems. He stated that Griplock Systems was responsive, offering excellent customer service throughout the project.

He also praised the quality of the product, mentioning that the HVAC cable suspension systems provided by Griplock Systems were of high quality and performed exceptionally well during the installation process. Based on his positive experience, he expressed his high recommendation for Griplock Systems, stating that he would highly recommend their products to anyone in need of efficient and reliable HVAC cable suspension systems.

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