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How We Build Now: 2023 Construction Industry Trends in the U.S. and Canada

Procore teamed up with Censuswide and surveyed industry professionals across the U.S. and Canada to gain insight into the current climate of construction. Read this report today.

Article content provided by Procore.

In an ever-changing industry, the construction forecast can seem both volatile and encouraging. To get insight into the 2023 construction outlook, Procore teamed up with Censuswide, and surveyed industry professionals across the U.S. and Canada. Their responses provided a look into the current climate of construction, essential scopes of focus, the state of technology adoption and data maturity, workforce insights, and crucial areas for improvement in the industry.

Top of mind for respondents were five key areas: 

  • confidence in market conditions
  • data-driven construction 
  • improving project performance
  • digital transformation in response to economic conditions 
  • the current state of insurance and payments.

Discover more about how the U.S. and Canada are building in 2023, and gain insights into these five construction industry trends.

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