A Better Approach to the Labor Shortage

Like a Formula 1 pit crew, your office team should keep techs on track. Learn how to leverage technology and your office staff to create scalable growth regardless of a technician labor shortage.

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ServiceTrade's CEO Billy Marshall recently presented an innovative solution to a core challenge that’s top of mind for everyone these days—the ongoing labor shortage. The statistics are concerning. For every two techs that retire each year, only one enters the field. But demand for your services continues to grow. So what’s the play? Billy offered this 3-step strategy:

  • Minimize demand work
  • Sell to better customers
  • Organize around the goal of keeping your techs on track

To illustrate this further, watch this:


In case the analogy isn’t clear, your technicians are your race cars on the track. The growth and limitations of your business rely largely on the quality and efficiency of their work. But in a labor shortage, skilled technicians are a constrained resource. You can’t just go out and hire more techs. You can’t tag in another race car.

But you can innovate and build up your supporting team, your pit crew, your technology-empowered office staff and sales team. Employ as much administrative staff as you need to achieve one mission – keep the technician solely focused on doing the high-value, hands-on work that only they can do.

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