XSPECT® the Unexpected With This Rooftop Ductwork Insulation Solution

XSPECT® ISOfoam APF is a durable, lightweight board insulation designed to simplify fabrication and installation while maximizing versatility. It’s easy to fabricate and install – and now it comes in both flat and tapered options to help ensure precipitation runoff

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After years of patching a failing high school rooftop duct insulation system, a local Chicago-based installer was finally able to completely replace the system, putting XSPECT® ISOfoam APF board to work for a solid and long-lasting solution.

Bonded to a foil facer on both sides, XSPECT is a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core board. The foil facer acts as an excellent vapor-retarder and together with the closed cell foam, the product creates a tightly sealed system. Lightweight and easy to install, XSPECT is perfect for applications such as rooftop ducts, HVAC equipment, refrigerated transportation, railcars and storage vessels.

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