Kingspan KoolDuct: The Ultimate Pre-Insulated Ductwork System

Kingspan KoolDuct represents a cutting-edge approach to ductwork, seamlessly integrating innovation with functionality.

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The Kingspan KoolDuct System is an advanced and premium performance pre–insulated HVAC ductwork system which offers benefits such as reduced installation time, low weight, space savings through flush–to–ceiling installation, increased performance and energy efficiency.

The system comprises premium performance Kingspan KoolDuct panels, fabrication methods, coupling systems and a complete line of accessories to produce pre–insulated rectangular ductwork in long sections.

1. UL 181 Listed: As the first rigid phenolic pre-insulated ductwork globally to achieve UL 181 listing as a Class 1 Air Duct.

2. Phenolic Foam Core: Departing from conventional designs, KoolDuct incorporates a fiber-free, rigid insulation core.

3. Low Air Leakage: KoolDuct easily achieves SMACNA Class 3 standards for air leakage.

4. Lightweight Construction: Weighing up to 70% less than insulated ductwork made from galvanized sheet metal, Kingspan KoolDuct introduces a low-weight, fabricated solution.

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