Three Ways Technology Can Slash Technician Downtime

Attend this webinar on April 4th and learn how to slash tech downtime by reducing callbacks, turn-aways, and windshield time.  

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Wasting technician time is something that no mechanical contractor can afford during a persistent and escalating skilled labor shortage. Transforming chaos into control by implementing technology and processes that eliminate the time technicians spend on repeat visits, waiting around for parts, or driving wasteful routes will unlock productivity so you can earn more revenue per tech with lower administrative costs.

In the Three Ways Technology Can Slash Technician Downtime webinar hosted by ServiceTrade on Thursday, April 4th we’ll walk through how to use technology to:

  • Get the right techs to the right jobs at the right time with the right parts to prevent customer turn-aways and excess drive times.
  • Equip techs to move fast and do great work the first time to reduce callbacks and decrease warranty costs.
  • Gain visibility to ensure your team is performing outstanding work every step of the way as efficiently as possible.

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