Trane’s All-New SWUD Self-Contained Unit

The redesigned single piece Water-Cooled Self-Contained (20-110 tons) is an efficient and cost-effective solution for floor-by-floor new construction projects and is now even easier to install and service.

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Trane’s redesigned SWUD delivers improved full-load efficiency on average 30% higher than our legacy units. Because it’s a single-piece unit with straightforward installation, you’ll save on first costs. Over its lifetime, features such as double-wall foam-insulated panel construction and factory-installed Symbio® 500 controller enable you to save on energy costs well into the future.

The one-piece cabinet models drop into place and occupy a footprint that’s up to 28% smaller than our legacy product. For retrofits, we offer a modular design with components that can fit through a doorway and be assembled in place. Fully double-action hinged access makes our SWUDs easier to service over their lifetime.

Additional features include:

  • Fully hinged, screwless access for simplified installation and maintenance
  • Flexible left-hand and right-hand options for water connections
  • Easy-to-clean shell and tube condensers
  • Up to 28% smaller footprint than legacy units
  • Optional factory supplied plenums
  • Improved full-load efficiencies up to 22.8 IEER
  • Uses lower-gwp R-454B refrigerant and includes a factory installed leak detection system
  • Symbio® 500 controller and TD7 color touchscreen display for smart connectivity and remote access

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