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Learn More About the Daikin Rebel® Cooling and Heat Pump Systems

Upgrade your HVAC system and join the Rebel revolution - the ultimate packaged rooftop solution for industry-leading performance and climate-controlled comfort.

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Enjoy year-round cooling and heating with Rebel’s new 3-31 ton heat pump design, even in temperatures as low as -10°F. With Rebel's cutting-edge technology and low-GWP R-32 refrigerant, you’ll help remove reliance on fossil fuel, lessen carbon footprint and support environmental initiatives – all while achieving astounding energy savings of up to 55% above ASHRAE standards.

Rebel’s remarkable part-load efficiencies of up to 22.7 IEER make it perfect for any low-rise commercial building — from schools and healthcare facilities to office and manufacturing buildings, Rebel has got you covered. Upgrade to Rebel and experience the power of performance and sustainability.

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