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Harnessing Innovation to Help Save Time & Protect Your Bottom Line

Discover the benefits of Hilti’s newest direct fastening tool, the BX 4-22 Cordless concrete nailer, and see how its premier performance features can help increase profitability for your organization.

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Equipping your jobsite with the right tools can help increase productivity without investing in additional skilled labor. Today's contractors are faced with unpredictable material costs and a competitive market that’s compromising profit margins, adding to the pressure for already-lean workforces to get projects done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Help simplify and speed up your installation and attachment projects with the BX 4-22 cordless concrete nailer. Powered by Hilti’s Nuron 22V battery platform, the BX 4-22 can out-perform traditional and powder-actuated methods while providing users with:

  • One-step installation process and superior stick-rate
  • Concrete and steel compatibility
  • Cleaner, quieter, and drill-less experience for applications in occupied buildings
  • Reduced maintenance and user-certification requirements

With the BX 4-22 in-hand, you can take your jobsite’s efficiency a step further by leveraging Hilti’s MW Wire Suspension System — an ideal solution for overhead hanging of HVAC ducting and lighting applications.

The MW Wire Suspension System, which has been verified and tested by the SMACNA Testing & Research Institute (STRI), can increase installation speed by up to 5x, bringing additional productivity gains to MEP applications. Pair it with Hilti’s compatible pole tool for enhanced jobsite safety by helping to reduce time spent on ladders, lifts or platforms.

Add the BX 4-22 to your tool crib today or visit our website to learn more about the MW Wire Suspension System.

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