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Hydronic Heating. Simplified. Electrified.

Check out the newest addition to the Trane modular unit portfolio, the all-new, all-electric, all-in-one Trane air-source multipipe.

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The new Thermafit® air-source modular multipipe unit, Model MAS provides simultaneous heating and cooling with all the benefits of Thermafit® modular design which provides compact footprint for retrofits and new construction.

  • 3 modes of operation: cooling, heating, simultaneous
  • 30 Ton (433 MBH) per module (expandable from 3-10 modules)
  • Easy to apply into buildings: no cooling towers, geothermal, complex infrastructure required.
  • Common hydronic header with factory installed strainer, isolation valves and flow switches allow for ease of install.
  • True redundancy with Trane modular design, eliminates single point of failure, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Equipped with next generation, low global warming potential R-454B refrigerant.
  • Supported by Trane support and systems expertise.

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