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Revolutionary First: FallTech® FT-X™ EdgeCore™ Arc Flash Class 2 SRL

FallTech’s latest personal self-retracting lifeline (SRL-P) is the first and only Class 2 SRL engineered and tested to resist arc flash and electrocution—and now available for tie-back applications.

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FallTech has made the first go-anywhere, do-anything self-retracting device (SRD) with a tie-back hook. The 8-foot FT-X EdgeCore Arc Flash Tie-Back is a lightweight Class 2 SRL-P designed to handle higher weight capacity, leading edge exposures, and arc flash hazards.

The FT-X EdgeCore provides a new level of comfort with its streamlined profile that rests high and tight on your back. This revolutionary new iteration of the FT-X uses lightweight, 100% Kevlar® EdgeCore lifelines to resist the extreme temperatures from arc flash hazards.

As an ANSI Class 2 SRL-P, the FT-X EdgeCore Arc Flash Tie-Back can be anchored at, above, or up to 5 feet below a dorsal D-ring and is rated for use within leading edge (LE) environments.

The FT-X EdgeCore Arc Flash comes in single- and twin-leg options. Thanks to FallTech’s unique SpeedLink™ system, users can replace damaged legs in the field—virtually eliminating money-draining downtime for repairs.

Visit the FallTech FT-X EdgeCore Arc Flash Tie-Back Page to find the best option for your needs.

FallTech is the leader in fall protection equipment. Engineered to ANSI, CSA, and OSHA standards, made in the USA.

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FallTech is the premier manufacturer of fall protection equipment. Engineered to ANSI and OSHA standards, made in the USA.