Pinnacle Infotech’s 5th Global BIM Summit Concluded

The event featured prominent speakers, hosted talks on digital project delivery worldwide, BIM adoption challenges, and reaffirmed Pinnacle Infotech's leadership in the construction industry's digital revolution.

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Pinnacle Infotech held its 5th Global BIM Summit from October 26th to 27th, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. As a key partner, SMACNA shared its valuable insights at the event, which was attended by worldwide AEC professionals. Enriching discussions on the newest breakthroughs in design, construction, and engineering technologies were the high points at the event. Pinnacle Infotech, with over 30 years of expertise, fostered knowledge sharing and networking, reaffirming its leadership in the AEC industry's digital revolution.

The keynote speakers covered a wide array of topics, offering profound insights into the dynamic landscape of the AEC industry. Mr. Tristan Randall, Strategic Projects Executive at Autodesk, discussed "The Future of Digital Project Delivery," while Mr. Steve Jones, Senior Director at Dodge Data & Analytics, shared "Key Trends in the US Construction Industry," and Mr. Michael Salazar, Senior Project Manager at ACI Architects, delved into "How to Tame your Dragon."

Mr. Travis Voss, Director of Innovative Technology and Fabrication at SMACNA, explored "Mixing Realities" and provided useful insights into the various types of realities in the construction industry, like AR, VR, etc., to the participants. He delved deeper into how different realities can impact and help the industry in elevating its processes and services to the customers.

Mr. Bimal Patwari, Co-founder and CEO, Pinnacle Infotech, delved into - ‘Pinnacle - A Sneak Peak of What's Cooking.’ He talked about the evolution of BIM and what’s happening in the industry. He also gave insights into how automation can be a game-changer for construction professionals. Speaking about the successful conclusion of the event Mr. Patwari said, “Our BIM Summit in Dallas was a resounding success. It reinforced the role of BIM in shaping the future of construction. It was a privilege to host this global event and inspire the AEC community, and we are proud to lead the way in the digital transformation of the construction industry.”

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