Greenheck BAER Belt Drive Sidewall Propeller Fan

Expanded product line with supply and exhaust configurations and new sizes are now available.

Article content provided by Greenheck.

Greenheck has expanded its BAER belt drive sidewall propeller fan line to include supply airflow configurations and expanded sizes. Model BAER is now available in supply and exhaust configurations with propeller diameters from 24 to 48 inches and performance capabilities from 300 to 54,000 cfm or up to 3.3 in. wg.

Designed for improved efficiency in wall-mounted clean air applications, the BAER features cast aluminum airfoil or fabricated steel blades and hubs, an AC induction motor, and an automatic belt-tensioning system that minimizes regular maintenance of the fan belt. The automatic belt-tensioner will adjust tension as the belt wears, extending the belt’s life while maximizing the life of the fan and motor.

Fan efficiency is also improved as consistent belt tension minimizes drive loss. Ideal for factory and warehouse applications, the BAER is AMCA licensed for Fan Energy Index (FEI), Air and Sound Performance, and UL/cUL 705 Listed. A full range of sidewall accessories is also available. 

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