The Most Productive Way to Shear Strut

Milwaukee Tool reinforces their commitment to enhancing safety and productivity for professionals with their new M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Single Channel Strut Shear. This tool delivers precise measurements and consistent accuracy, eliminates exposed blades, and provides installation-ready cuts.

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Milwaukee Tool’s M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Single Channel Strut Shear delivers precise measurement for more consistent accuracy in application. Designed with both a front support plate and a shear plane indicator, the strut shear enables ultimate adaptability by allowing users to accurately align their mark for precise measurement every time. With its design, users are provided with improved ease of use and accuracy while shearing strut, ultimately driving productivity on the job. Enhancing safety for mechanical contractors, this strut shear eliminates exposed blades, ultimately minimizing the risks associated with open blades on the job.

Driving further productivity in installation, Milwaukee’s new Single Channel Strut Shear provides installation-ready cuts. Eliminating the need for filing or deburring following a cut, mechanical contractors can reduce the amount of clean up and begin installation much faster compared to alternative strut cutting methods. This step reduction in the installation process reinforces Milwaukee’s commitment to driving efficiency on the job, providing users with the most productive way to shear strut on the jobsite.

In addition to the Single Channel Strut Shear, Milwaukee's Single Strut Shearing Dies deliver accurate and consistent cuts every time. Exclusively compatible with the M18™ FORCE LOGIC™ Single Channel Strut Shear, these dies feature two sharpened edges to provide users a clean shear without the need to file and thousands of shears per die set. For improved safety in application, the dies eliminate exposed blades for users on the job. Clear laser etching on the dies allows for easy die identification and installation into the strut shear, ultimately improving ease of use and efficiency. 

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