The Software That Improves HVAC Sales Productivity

Learn how software built specifically for HVAC sales can improve processes and your proposals to win more high-margin customers.

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Even if you’re an experienced seller with a great understanding of the sales process and methodology, the use of spreadsheets, Word docs, or general-purpose CRMs to build preventative maintenance proposals and manage your sales pipeline can slow you down or hurt your productivity.

HVAC/R sellers need an application like NorthBoundary Sales Manager that was built exclusively for selling commercial equipment service contracts.

NorthBoundary Sales Manager will:

  • Build a recommended set of PM services based on the prospective customer’s equipment list.
  • Set contract pricing based on that equipment list that meets the minimum profit margin goal you assign.
  • Give sellers and their managers tools to manage their open pipeline.
  • Create a nicely formatted and branded proposal and send it to the customer for an electronic signature right from the application.

Sound too good to be true? Watch this webinar to see that it really works.

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