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Announcing the Newest AI Powered Module - Packing Slips

Field Materials has just released the ability to scan packing slips, automatically match them to POs, and extract received materials and quantities allowing you to track materials received versus ordered without any manual data entry. 

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Your field staff can use the Field Materials iOS or Android app to snap a photo of a packing slip. This is as easy as taking a regular photo with your smartphone, which means no training is required. Field staff can optionally specify a job or PO for the packing slip. 

The office staff gets notified of a new packing slip submitted by the field staff. Field Materials automatically loads the relevant PO from your packing slip and the AI extracts received materials and quantities. This process makes it very easy to track what was received versus ordered without any manual data entry. The office staff even has the option to create a new PO on the fly in case no prior PO was created for this purchase. 

By automated tracking of received versus ordered material, contractors can bill their customers for parts faster and avoid getting invoiced by vendors for something they haven't received. Furthermore, AI helps cut 90% of the PO processing time for rogue purchases (orders without POs).

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