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Happy New Air | Airthings from Ductmate

Ring in the new year with healthy, clean indoor air quality with Airthings for Business from Ductmate.

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Ring in the new year with healthy, clean indoor air quality with Airthings for Business from Ductmate.  With Airthings, you can monitor what matters most and take action to optimize conditions in your building, giving you complete control and flexibility over IAQ and energy savings.

Ductmate now offers the Airthings Space Hub for device networking and data collection, and the Space Pro and Space CO2 Mini sensors for in-room monitoring to help map out issues within building owners’ facilities and target the root causes of poor air quality and energy inefficiency. These three products can be configured to meet the needs of virtually any small to medium-sized commercial or institutional structure, including schools, offices, hospitals and more.

Welcome to your complete indoor air quality monitoring solution.

The Airthings for Business solution is now available for purchase. Contact Ductmate for more information or visit the website at

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