Sometimes Looks Really Do Matter

A medical supply manufacturer wanted the ductwork in its clean room project to match the room’s white, streamlined look. Johns Manville Microlite® White PSK duct wrap was just the ticket.  

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Sometimes, the aesthetics really matter. And when you want a clean, streamlined look in a building, Microlite® White PSK duct wrap is just the thing.

Read how Microlite® White PSK duct wrap offered thermal performance along with a crisp, uniform look on the exposed ductwork.

The Microlite White PSK wrap offers thermal performance and condensation control in a lightweight, blanket-type insulation, with the white PSK facing. JM makes the PSK wrap in both black and white solely for aesthetics, as more and more buildings have open ceilings with exposed ductwork. Then contractors have a choice of colors to help ducts blend with their surroundings.

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