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Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know Before Selling a Business

Owners need to feel confident that they’re selling at an opportune time, securing the best price, structuring the transaction wisely, and understand the potential financial implications for themselves.


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Selling a company is complex and entails a variety of decisions, including the effects of income and estate taxes. Though no single formula is right for everyone. But we can help with your unique situation.

Early preparation and a well-conceived exit strategy help owners make the best decisions for themselves, their families and their companies. Among other benefits, early planning provides time to think through one’s options and goals, including long-range financial objectives.

It’s crucial to ensure that a company is as financially attractive to a potential buyer as possible. This includes having efficient operations and a clearly articulated vision for growth.

One of the most basic decisions an entrepreneur must make is whether to transfer a business to his or her children. Beyond family members, other options include selling to a partner who already holds a stake in the company or to long-time employees. If there is a co-owner, there already may be an agreement in place that spells out the terms for transferring ownership. There’s also the possibility of a third-party sale.

Of course, the ultimate goal of a sale is to financially prepare owners for the next phase of their lives. Thus, it’s essential to have a comprehensive wealth strategy tailored to one’s individual financial circumstances and personal goals. Our Wealth Advisory Group can conduct an analysis based on market assumptions to quantify the after-tax amount needed to endow one’s lifestyle with a high degree of confidence.

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