SiteTrace Makes Field-Based Ductwork Ordering Quicker & Error-Free

HVAC contractors lose over $100,000 worth of time & money annually on their pen-and-paper based ductwork ordering process on the field, which is slow and error-prone. SiteTrace was built to solve that problem.


Article content provided by SiteTrace.

There is a new iPad app named SiteTrace that field foremen can use to configure and submit their ductwork and accessories orders to the fabrication shop, internal or external. HVAC contractors using SiteTrace report one major benefit – SiteTrace ensures all material orders are complete with the required information, so field foremen no longer get follow-up calls/emails from the shop, saving each foreman 1-2 hours a week.

With customers in 11 US states, SiteTrace is looking for more partners. Interested contractors can visit the SiteTrace website to learn more and submit a demo request. 

Visit the SiteTrace website.

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SiteTrace is a mobile app via which foremen can submit accurate ductwork & material orders quickly from anywhere on the jobsite, preventing miscommunication and accelerating the order turnaround.