Better Workforce Management for MEP Contractors

Labor planning and workforce management have a direct impact on your profitability. Take a look at how RIVET can help.

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Do you have a labor plan for every job? Do your project teams and field leaders know as well? RIVET wants to talk about the importance of labor planning and having the right software tool to bring contractor teams together.

If your projects are lacking a labor plan, you’re unaware of the labor peak, and your projects are lacking an exit strategy, the impact might look like this:

  • The job loses a bunch of money without transparency into how labor is managed. “I guess construction is hard with no other explanation.”
  • Superintendents and Project Managers have no idea they screwed up and will blame the Estimator.
  • Everyone is working really hard, but no one has any idea what’s causing the overages.

Every project should have a labor plan:

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RIVET (RIVET Work Inc.) is labor ops software for construction contractors. RIVET streamlines forecasting, scheduling and field communication to maximize labor utilization and grow businesses.