BioCoat: Versatile Anti-Microbial Coating for Ductwork

This water-based antimicrobial coating goes beyond ordinary protection to ensure clean and healthy air in duct systems.

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BioCoat is a water-based antimicrobial coating that offers a range of benefits for your duct system. With a fast dry time and UL 723 Classified certification for safety and effectiveness, BioCoat addresses IAQ concerns. Its EPA-registered biocide package prevents the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, and yeast in duct systems, ensuring clean and healthy air.

BioCoat is not only reliable but also environmentally friendly, as it is LEED-compliant.

The low-viscosity lagging adhesive is compatible with a range of insulation materials, including polyester, fiberglass, polystyrene board, closed-cell polyethylene, and polyurethane foam. BioCoat can also be used to bond and seal jackets of canvas, cloth, or other fabrics to air conditioning ducts and cold water pipes. It can be sprayed easily and cleans up with soap and water when wet.

Choose BioCoat, the innovative product you need for a healthier, cleaner environment.

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