Kingspan's KoolDuct: Revolutionizing Efficiency with Low Air Leakage

By effectively sealing and insulating air ducts, KoolDuct prevents the wasteful loss of conditioned air.

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Kingspan Insulation's KoolDuct stands out in the world of HVAC insulation due to its low air leakage feature. The system is engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring minimal air leakage within ductwork systems.

By effectively sealing and insulating air ducts, KoolDuct prevents the wasteful loss of conditioned air, improving energy efficiency and reducing operational costs for heating and cooling systems. Its low air leakage feature not only enhances environmental sustainability but also promotes healthier indoor air quality by preventing the ingress of contaminants.

Kingspan will be at this year’s 2023 SMACNA Annual Convention, where they will be showcasing their innovative KoolDuct product. Attendees can find Kingspan at booth #308.

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