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Creating an Exposed Ductwork Aesthetic with ProCoat™

The increasing incorporation of duct systems as architectural design elements presents unique opportunities. With ProCoat, you have ultimate color flexibility, durability, and professional appearance.

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Linx Industries developed ProCoat™ products as the next evolution of the construction of ductwork fabricated from steel pre-coated with a PVS/PVC/PCD surface and as an alternative to field-painted ductwork.

ProCoat and ProCoat Plus duct systems provide owners, architects, engineers, and installers complete flexibility. ProCoat and ProCoat Plus offer the following special characteristics:

  • Available in single or double-wall construction
  • Available in gasketed or nongasketed connections
  • Round and oval construction up to 60” diameter
  • Coating 4 mils
  • Consistent in color and quality
  • Ductwork can be fabricated using standard welding methods
  • Superior chemical resistance characteristics over precoated sheet metal alternatives

ProCoat and ProCoat Plus are offered in seven standard RAL colors, with custom matching also available for installations where matching existing corporate, school, or university colors is required.  One of the most exciting aspects of Linx’s ProCoat is that the “painting” of ductwork can now be performed in the manufacturer’s controlled environment rather than being subjected to inconsistencies of jobsite surface preparation capabilities and field conditions.

Linx products are available through a nationwide network of representative locations across the US. Requesting a quote from Linx has never been easier. To request a quote, either contact your local Linx representative or submit your inquiry directly through the Linx website by simply clicking the Request for Quotation RFQ button.

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