From Plasma to Precision with the Laser Pro

Cut up to 3x faster, more precise, and cleaner than traditional CNC plasma cutting with the Laser Pro Fiber Laser Cutting Table by Production Products Inc.

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Production Products Inc. introduces the Laser Pro Family of Fiber Laser Cutting Tables as a solution for those seeking to cut faster, cleaner, and more precisely than traditional plasma cutters. This CNC fiber laser cutting machine maintains the familiar open architecture of a plasma table, facilitating a smooth transition for users accustomed to the conventional setup.

The key advantage lies in the Laser Pro's ability to cut faster and cleaner than traditional plasma tables. With repeatability of .001", position accuracy of .002" and cutting speeds of up to 1200” per minute, it outpaces conventional methods, offering enhanced efficiency without compromising precision. The Laser Pro stands out for its pristine cuts, eliminating the need for post-cutting work commonly required with plasma tables. Available in sizes from 5'x10' to 5'x20', the Laser Pro accommodates different sheet sizes and coils, catering to various fabrication needs.

Equipped with the CypCut CNC controller, the Laser Pro ensures an intuitive interface, simplifying the shift from plasma to laser. The machine's standard 2000W or 3000W Fiber Laser Source and the BM110 Auto Focus Laser Head guarantee not only a smooth transition from traditional plasma cutting but also consistent and reliable performance at accelerated speeds. Upgrade your fabrication capabilities with the Laser Pro by Production Products Inc. – where efficiency meets precision in the evolving landscape of sheet metal fabrication.

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