High Praise for CASWELL FIRESAFE® Boston Project

Firesafe’s U.S. Licensed Manufacturing Partners - Atlantic Air Products Mfg LLC / McCusker-Gill - secured a remarkable project in the Life Sciences Hub of Somerville, Massachusetts.

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Boston-based SMACNA member, McCusker-Gill, Inc. is a leading HVAC Sheet Metal Contractor and one of Firesafe’s U.S. Licensed Manufacturing Partners. Recently they secured a remarkable project in the Life Sciences Hub of Somerville, Massachusetts where they will utilize CASWELL FIRESAFE® Fire Resisting Ductwork.

McCusker-Gill, Inc. President, Kevin Gill Jr., who recently received the prestigious title of SMACNA 2023 Contractor of the Year, was specifically commended for promoting technological innovation. This stunning manufacture and install contract sparked much media interest and rightfully received praise from industry figures in both the U.S. and UK.

“This Caswell Firesafe Fire Rated ductwork install in the penthouse of our project on Middlesex St. is a thing of beauty!”

“This is the best fire-rated ductwork product in the marketplace (we’ve installed them all, and it’s not even close!)”

“That is a work of art and should be in a gallery”

“Looks superb. Don’t put the ceiling in”

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FIRESAFE FIRE RATED DUCTWORK® Limited are responsible for the development of the CASWELL FIRESAFE® product to ensure that it is current and meets the relevant standards of fire protection. Our staff take an active role within the Fire Protection and Ductwork industry sitting on ASFP, BESA and British Standard Institute committees. This ensures that we remain at the cutting-edge of developments within our industry. Our market leading product and best-in-class specialist technical knowledge are the key success factors for our business.