New CRM System Benefits

SMACNA's new association membership system will offer a range of benefits for both members and staff. 

SMACNA's new association membership system will offer a range of benefits for both members and staff. Here are some key advantages of the system:

  • Improved Access to SMACNA Records. SMACNA staff can now better assist contractors in accessing their own SMACNA records, making it easier for members to find the information they need.
  • Enhanced Engagement. Members can easily review and update their company records, enhancing their engagement with SMACNA's services, publications and volunteer opportunities.
  • Increased Focus on Member Services. The new system allows SMACNA staff to allocate more time to providing personalized member services, including assistance with meeting registrations, legislative inquiries and technical support.
  • Tailored Deliverables. With the improved knowledge of members, SMACNA can develop deliverables that better serve their specific needs.
  • Targeted Programs and Mailings. The system enables SMACNA to improve engagement and interest tracking, allowing for targeted programs and mailings that cater to contractors' specific areas of interest.
  • Enhanced Marketability. SMACNA can collect new contractor information through the system, which helps in better marketing our industry to potential new customer groups.
  • Streamlined Chapter Operations. The CRM system improves each SMACNA chapter's ability to report work hours, make industry fund payments, and obtain detailed reports, freeing up more time to address local chapter members' needs.
  • Comprehensive Member View. The system breaks down silos and empowers SMACNA with a 360-degree view of its members, volunteers, supporters and purchasers, leading to improved overall engagement and development of new member benefits.
  • Efficient Revenue Management. SMACNA staff can better manage the organization's revenue lifecycle, from membership dues to IFUS payments, enabling better reporting for growth and long-term success.
  • Financial Accountability. The new system provides full accountability and stewardship of funds, giving SMACNA complete control and visibility over total spend and providing the board with better information for decision-making.
  • Planning and Forecasting. The AMS equips SMACNA with planning, budgeting and forecasting tools, ensuring financial stability and providing the growth information needed to achieve the organization's mission.