SMACNews Jan/Feb 2021

Volume 55, Number 1

SMACNA  Contractors Join Together to Transform Cleveland Hospital

SMACNA Contractors Join Together to Transform Cleveland Hospital

SMACNA sheet metal contractors are playing an instrumental role in making the MetroHealth Transformation a success. 


From the President: Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter

We as businesspeople should care greatly about DE&I, not only because it is moral and ethical to treat people fairly and equitably, but also because it makes good business sense to create a strong DE&I culture.


SMACNA Contractor’s Work Helps Power Silicon Valley Manufacturers

If you have any computer equipment in your shop, home or office — and nowadays, who doesn’t — odds are good that it was made by a company with its roots, or at least a major presence, in Silicon Valley. 


Maximizing Cash Flow, With or Without a Second PPP Loan

The stricter eligibility requirements for second draw Paycheck Protection Program (PPP2) loans excluded many construction companies from the new round of COVID-19 relief.


Building What’s Next: Preparing for the Next Decade of Construction

For long-term success, it is important that construction workers, associations, and tech companies work together to build awareness around the opportunity that data and inclusion hold. 


Clean Rooms Critical to Pandemic Response

Clean room projects offer SMACNA contractors the opportunity to showcase their expertise

SMACNews Feb 28 2021

Capitol Hill Update: Budget Reconciliation, COVID Relief, Pension Reform Among Items Before Congress

The Senate is concentrating on Biden Administration Cabinet appointments, and the Senate and House both remain focused on producing a COVID-19 relief package that meet budget and reconciliation rules to avoid a Senate filibuster. 


The Hard Work: Developing People

Building a great culture is, in part, the result of making hard decisions about finding, keeping, and developing great people. But too often we let the urgency of our need lower our standards.


Opening Doors for Diversity in Construction

When Fatima Ware finished her apprenticeship in sheet metal construction in 2016, she decided it was time for a change. Not for her, but for the construction business.